About Us

It's been a long and challenging road one looks back and then focuses the eyes on the future. This, in summary, is the story of the Sukabumi Trading Coy. from it's humble beginnings in the hands of one man, to a respected and dynamic pillar of Indonesia's new business progress. We have established and built a strong network of offices in the major industrial cities of Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang. The offices cover the cities and the surrounding regions. They provide on-site stocks and services; this means we serve our customers in real-time, when the need is there. We are opening more new branches and agencies, particularly in the outer islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra, where prospects for industrial development are becoming higher. Our international network of suppliers, principals and business partners stretches across Asia, America, Europe, Australia and Africa. With our worldwide business connections, we can source the right techniques and products, delivered on time, at price-effective levels.


Being a Trading Company and became the first choice for innovative solutions to distributors and consumers in Indonesia.


We are here to enlighten and harmonize life (Consumers, Employees, Shareholders, and Communities) to meet consumer needs.

Our People

Our Board of Directors is composed of executives with a synergistic blend of experience and expertise in the field of business. They combine tested business wisdom with adequate management know how, and this has yielded dynamic growth in our array of companies. Over 400 capable managers and personnel have been on our team over forty-five years, serving a family of customers now numbering more than three thousand. In this corporate culture, all of our employees are customer-oriented and technically proficient. We have been carrying out continuing human resources development and training programs for our employees, to allow them to improve their technical and personal capacity. Some of them have graduate degrees from recognized universities and colleges in Indonesia and abroad. We employ both Indonesian nationals and expatriate staff, contributing together their knowledge and competence in our team effort. We cooperate with professional and educational institutions in improving our management and organizational capabilities.


In God We Trust

GOD is our Eternal Guide and Constant Inspiration, and is the One to whom we dedicate our work, in order that we shall better be able to serve our fellowmen and all humankind


Service justifies our role in society. We believe in providing sincere service to our many customers, as well as goods and work which are in place, on time, reliably. We thus strive to help add value to their products, so they will benefit from our high value and low costs.


Sharing our work and the fruits of our labors with suppliers, principals and business partners, always in a fair and ethical fashion. This includes sharing with our employees, to whom we shall make available opportunities for secure career advancement, and with our community, our country and, ultimately, the whole world.


A well Established Trading & Distribution Company of Lubricant Oil and Chemical, dealing in Rubber, Plastic, and Coating Industry. For over four decades, we are building an overseas market that beckons to customers, suppliers and investors around the world


PT. Sukabumi Trading Coy. Established Since 1954, When Is The Kind Of Business Is A Chemical Trading.


In 1994 we worked with Fortron to distribute car radiator coolant.

1997 - Now

in 1997 but still as a seller of raw materials and chemicals, pt sukabumi trading coy. trusted by the Repsol as the sole agent to market their vehicle lubricating products in Indonesia until now.